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New Castle of Flix

The commission consisted of the restoration of the Castle of Flix, a Carlist military base, which presides over the meander of the river Ebro as it passes through Flix. It is a new building built by the corps of military engineers in the mid-19th century. The main interest of the castle is the triangular geometry, achieving with it an absolute control of the defensive flanks, with respect to the lines of military advance along the river. The project is based on respect for the powerful geometry, as the interpretation of the remains of the castle clearly showed its trace and, therefore, during the restoration we could assume the temptation offered by the come era e dove era. The result of the work is the recovery of the original access, giving way to a space of advance and from this access to the three corridors of the triangle. In one of the three towers located at one of the vertices of the triangle, the staircase is placed, which leads to the pergola terrace and from there to the large tower.

Promoter - INCASOL - Flix City Council


Year - 2010

PEM - € 367,977.28

Location -  41.238065035416376, 0.5559059590940478

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