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Miquel Orellana

He was born in Tarragona and completed his studies in Architecture at the ETSA in Barcelona in 2003.

During this period he completed his Erasmus stay at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in the branch of Intervention and Restoration of Historical Heritage.

In 2011 he completed the Master's Degree in Classical Archeology at the ICAC-URV-UB .

During the period 2005/2009 he became a member of the Association of Architects in Defense of Architectural Heritage (AADIPA)

He collaborated in different offices of Architecture until in 2004 he began his activity as a liberal professional, in which year he also began his activity as a Municipal Architect in the City Council of La Canonja.

Rubén Heras

He was born in Tarragona and completed his studies in Architecture at the ETSA in Barcelona in 2002.

In 2003 he began his career as a liberal professional collaborating in various architectural firms. 

In 2006 he became a Municipal Architect at Cambrils City Council and since 2008 he has been a member of the ASSAP (Association of Architects in the Service of Public Administration).

Awards - Mentions

Restoration of the New Castle of Flix - Phase I

Ebrenca Quality Award for the Best Restored Building, within the 15th edition of the Ebrenca Quality Awards. Amposta 2012

Cambrils Youth Athenaeum

Architecture Aluminum Technal Awards 2013

in the Study category.

Changing rooms of the Canonja Football Field

VI Alejandro de la Sota Biennial of Architecture 2009. Selected work in the category Building of new plant and public promotion

Restoration of archaeological remains of the Castle of Passanant

VI Alejandro de la Sota Biennial 2009. Selected work in the category of restoration, rehabilitation or renovation


2009. The Restoration of the Castle of Vila-seca. TAG-53 Magazine. Association of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Tarragona.

2013. “Methodology of photographic rectification in the one of the closing wall of the square of representation of the“ provincial forum ”of Tarraco (Hispania Citerior)”. Serena Vinci, Josep M. Macias, Miquel Orellana. Catalan Institute of Classical Archeology. Proceedings of the XVIII International Congress of Classical Archeology. Merida 2013. Still in press.

2013.  “Photographic rectification of the graphic documentation of historical and archaeological heritage: The case of the southern facade of the Praetorium tower in Tarragona (Tarraco, Hispania Citerior)”. Maria Serena VINCI / Josep Maria MACIAS / Miquel ORELLANA / Imma TEIXELL. Vienna.

2013. “Restoration of Flix Castle”, in Fortifications. Defensive heritage interventions. Proceedings of the XXXIV Curset. International Conference on Intervention in Architectural Heritage. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, COAC and AADIPA. Madrid-Barcelona.


2009-2012     2009-2012.  The Restoration of Vila-seca Castle, in issues 53-54-55-57 of the TAG Magazine, of the Association of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Tarragona. Tarragona.


2001.  Publication of the article “Jujol i l'Arcàngel Sant Miquel” in number 5-6 of “dc revista crítica de arquitectura”, of the Department of Architectural Composition of the ETSA Barcelona.

Col·laboradors habituals

Redacció de projectes:

Esteban Aguilar - Arquitecte

Sandra Álvarez - Arquitecta

Roser Capdevila - Arquitecta

Guillem Fonts - Arquitecte

Irene Damià - Arquitecta

Consultor estructures:

Windmill Structural Consultants, SLP

Consultor instal·lacions:

Sergi Triquell, enginyer tècnic industrial

Consultor urbanisme:

Joan Llort Corbella, arquitecte. Assessorament en matèria urbanística i col·laborador en redacció d'instruments de planejament urbanístic

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